Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Son, the Knight

I currently have four boys, and one girl, with another on the way. They are Boy, 7, Girl, 5, Boy, almost 4, Boy, 2, and Boy 9 months. It is sometimes a very loud household, but I have been blessed.

Recently, my soon-to-be-4-year-old-boy, has decided that he is my knight, and that he must protect me from the dragon, and the lizard.

Today he started asking me questions about being a knight, and what knights can do. As we were getting ready for church, he asked if knights could go to church. Later, he asked me if knights used the potty (we're still working on potty training, but if this works, I'm all for it!). After that he asked if knights could play games. Of course, the answers to all of them were yes, and he was very happy with that. As he runs around the house, protecting his princess from danger, I am reminded that God's love is abundant, and very tangible in times like these. God protects us from the dangers around us, and keeps us safe from the dragons.

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