Monday, July 30, 2007

Supper Swapping?

This sounds like a very interesting idea. It's a book review on a book called The Great American Supper Swap, by Trish Berg. It really sounds like an idea that could be a lot of fun, and allow your family to try out new foods. The idea is that you find a few friends, and one night a week you make extra food for dinner, and take it to your other friends. Then on the other days, they do the same for you. It's almost like you only have to cook one night a week. If you can find that many ladies to do it with. Our family is picky, but you can tailor each meal ahead of time so that everyone is covered. Go check it out, and sign up for a free copy of the book!


Trish Berg said...

Hey - Thanks for spreading the word about supper swapping and The Great American Supper Swap!

I'd love to know what you moms think about it, and am here all week to answer any questions you all have.

I also have a FREE Tip of the Week each Monday you can sign up for via my website.

Trish Berg
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