Monday, July 2, 2007

McGee/Jackson Drama

Once again, the McGee's have proven their delusional worth. McGee Sr. is of course throwing around the race card, claiming that because his son is black, he's automatically in trouble.

McGee Sr.: "During the course, I've decided to keep quiet and let justice take its own way," McGee said. "As usual, the road that justice decide to take with black people in particular, and McGee's in general, is the 'L' road. The 'L' road, which is the lynch road. The road you always take. You took the same road with my son."


What, all two?

called McGee Jr. a "political prisoner," and his father said his son is not receiving the due process to which Americans are entitled. McGee said the bail of $50,000 that was set for his son was too high for the crimes alleged.

Now here's the really scary part of this story.

McGee Sr.: "I want them to know, and Milwaukee to know, that there will be a McGee in the 6th District," McGee said. "Once Junior has his office stolen, I will come out of retirement and run for alderman. That's all I got to say."

McGee [Sr.] claimed the charges against the current alderman were baseless.

Baseless? This family is known for it's underhanded dealings. Jr. threatened the mother of his illegitimate child just after she received a restraining order against him, and HE WAS STILL IN THE COURTROOM! On top of that, the guy made some pretty sickening comments about the mother of a radio opponent, Charlie Sykes, and even went so far as to accuse him of murdering his mother. This is a sick man, who is highly delusional in many ways. I very highly doubt that any of these charges are baseless. What I cannot understand is how anyone can continue to support him in any way.