Friday, July 20, 2007

My Recipe Collection

Alright, I promised a friend a few pictures of my recipe shelf. It's a bit messy, because I have so many things up there. I counted, and I have at least 26 cookbooks in various sizes and categories, as well as a few buckets of cooking and spice magazines which have several recipes in each.

So here is a full shot of the shelf. The right side has a few extra non-cookbooks on it, but that's because they didn't fit anywhere else. Sorry for the grainy texture, my old camera isn't that great.

Here are a few close ups. On the left, those are all my cooking and spice magazines. I get Taste of Home, good magazine btw, and I also get the Penzey's Spice catalog. And yes, I admit, I am a spice snob and I refuse to buy my spices anywhere else if I can at all help it.

I also have a few hundred recipes that I have saved to my computer, from various online sites, as well as from some of the cookbooks I have. I like having a printed copy, since I can replace it easier if it gets dirty. I'm still working on transferring many of my recipes from the magazines. I had several Food & Wine and Cooking Pleasures magazines that had some really good recipes, some of which I have shared here.

So there it is. My collection of recipes. So if you ever need a recipe for something, I probably have it somewhere. Funny thing is, I can't seem to stop getting cookbooks. I just ordered a cookbook for the kids called Mandie's Cookbook, based on the Christian children's book series Mandie. Very cute books btw, I am working my way through all of them currently. I read a few of them as a kid, and now I'm catching up.


Tammy and Parker said...

So now I know who's house to come for dinner! =)

MommaBlogger said...

Oh sure! I love to cook for people :) Any excuse I get to cook for people is fun, since I get to try out new recipes and show off my abilities. My grandma taught me a lot of the basics, but I've taught myself so much more since then. Of course, I still call her for certain recipes. :)