Friday, April 17, 2009

Do Not Buy From Hot Book Sale

I recently bought a book from While the book did arrive in a reasonable amount of time, and the price was decent, you are automatically signed up for a program that takes out $12.00/month whether you want it or not. According to the person I spoke with, you cannot complete your order without signing up for this "trial". I read the terms, and there was no mention of any charges that would be made to me for this "membership". So I call, and the person of course barely speaks English and is very difficult to understand. When I say I want the charges removed, she tells me it will take up to a week, and she will email me the cancellation number "later". After about 5 minutes of insisting that I get the cancellation number immediately (at which point she keeps trying to explain that she can't give me the number until she cancels it, and I keep trying to explain that I'm happy to wait until she can give me the number), she finally puts me on hold for all of a minute and comes back with the cancellation number. Oi. Such a headache over buying one little book. Don't buy from this company. It's not worth it. Thankfully the email arrived pretty quickly, with the same confirmation number that she told me, so at least they're keeping their word about cancelling it. Hopefully it will be done though. I will definitely be doing a lot more research next time I try buying from one of these supposed discount book places though. Lesson Learned.


Anonymous said...

I just had the same problem but my "membership fee" was $19.95. And it's a MONTHLY fee!! I argued and told them I'd call BBB so he finally agreed to reverse the charge. How can they possibly get any business when they charge almost $240 per year to sell you a book???

MommaBlogger said...

Make sure you save your confirmation number for a few months, I had charges reappear after I'd canceled, and because I bought something from Pizza Hut, they reactivated my account and charged me the membership fee again. I chewed the poor guy out, and he canceled the account again, but it was still insanely annoying.