Friday, June 8, 2007

Keyboard Issues

I am hazving some eyboard issues right now Quite a few eys don't wor, or add etters on, so if my typing oos funny, or I tae a ong time to respond, it's not you, it's my eyboard

(To translate, using my handy dandy On-Screen Keyboard, I am having some keyboard issues. My zxcv keys add surrounding letters, and my jkl and period keys do nothing. All of my number keys don't work either. So, I have to keep going back and forth between the few keys that work on the keyboard, and the On-Screen Keyboard, and it is taking an annoyingly long time to get anything done. So, if you notice a few odd spelling errors, or missing letters, remember, it's not you, it's my keyboard.)


My name is Briana and ... said...

If you have a strong vacuum try sucking out anything that might be stuck in the keyboard, or if you have an air compressor, try blowing out anything that might be lodged. :)

MommaBlogger said...

We tried that, as well as going over the line-thingys under the keyboard top. It was fun taking the whole thing apart. We did have a little better success after that, but it seems to have gone right back out the window. We're going to get a cheap one this time :( I like my ergonomic keyboard, but we've only had this one a year and it's already experiencing issues. Dh doesn't want to spend $40 a year just on keyboards.