Friday, June 29, 2007

Christian Music

The last 8 or so years, one of the driving themes of our praise and worship music has been to remove the "I" factor. Songs that are more selfish than praise and worship. You know, the songs that talk more about how "I" want to praise God, than about actually praising Him.

As I sat listening to the radio recently, I started to realize why certain songs created a negative emotion in me.

(Now, bear in mind, my version of listening to the radio consists of a background chorus of "Stop touching me! He's hitting me! I have to go to the bathroom! Bababa, Gagaga, (insert raspberry here)! Oh no, I dropped my book out the window! and so on). However, I occasionally get a few late-night trips to the grocery store when there aren't any kids in the back, where I get some quiet time to listen to the music.

So as I was listening one night, able to hear the words for once, I heard some that caused me to realize why I disliked them enough to change the radio station when they came on. They were so self-centered! I was amazed at how selfish some of those songs were. The singers were so focused on why they were praising God, and how they were going to do it, and failed to actually praise Him!

As I listened further, I also realized that there were a good number of songs that did get around to praising God. I mean, that is what we're here for, right? There were a few really good ones too, that have been revitalizing my hope for Christian music again. I will try to start posting some of them, along with lyrics, since there really are some good ones.


SaraG said...

YES!! I totally agree - that is also why I have no patience for Christian Radio. I get sick of hearing the whiny, depressing songs that are so self-centered. I can't wait to hear some alternatives (like the one above!)