Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am 30 today. For a long time, I never thought it would bother me. It's just numbers. Aging is a part of life. We can't change it, and we can't stop it. Those little numbers that we fill in on forms will keep getting bigger whether we like it or not.

But today, I am 30. Where did all that time go? It seems like only yesterday I was getting married, and a few days before that I was still in grade school, and I hardly remember much in between any of it. I am feeling a bit old today, but then, 6 kids will do that to a gal. Maybe not getting a full night's sleep in so many years will take it's toll. Makes me glad I'm not 40 though, because I know I couldn't do it then, if I can barely keep up now some days.

In this year before I turned 30, many things have happened. I had a beautiful baby boy, and survived it. I visited my family in Kansas for a month. I got to sit in my cousin's Lotus (and I still rub it in for my husband). I got to see a childhood friend that I hadn't had contact with in 10 years, and got to meet her beautiful little boy. I have made contact with other friends I hadn't seen in years through Facebook. My children have all aged another year, and are healthy and happy. I realized my husband still loves me despite my many shortcomings, and will continue to love me through many more.

While for the most part I'm not too bugged about turning 30, there's still that tiny nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me I'm getting older.


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was a good one.