Monday, December 1, 2008

They're Just Mad 'Cuz They Didn't Get Any

Really, a felony? A group of consenting adults gets together to raffle off some consenting prostitutes, make some money, and it's a felony? What isn't a felony anymore?

I'm not saying that prostitution is a good idea, and the idea of raffling them off is not any better, but what happened to this being a free country? Since when can we not make decisions for ourselves? Personally, I think they were mad that they didn't get a cut. That seems to be the case in most of these situations, where money is involved anyway. But that's just my opinion....


Ticia said...

I am thinking that it is because prostitution is illegal.
Of course if you are going to prosecute people for buying or selling sex maybe we had better round up everyone who sells it for a car or dinner . Leticia

MommaBlogger said...

Should it really be illegal though? Like I said, what happened to being a free country? What crime has been committed against another person? The prostitute wants to get paid, the person receiving their services gets what they pay for, where is the crime (other than the obvious law against it).

For there to be a crime, there has to be a victim, and I see no victim here.