Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WFMW - Organize Your Child's Toys

Right now we are working on organizing the millions of toys that our kids have amassed over the years. Since moving, there are four boxes of toys that we haven't even unpacked yet, and they are not missing whatever is in there one bit. We have toys scattered everywhere.

So todays tip, or tips really, are these:

Get a labeler. Get plastic totes, plastic toy bins, whatever you want, so long as it holds toys, and holds them well. Organize the toys in whatever way you like, and label them. That way, your child knows what toys go in what bin. I have seen some suggestions that said make a tote of toys for each day of the week, and only bring out one tote per day. That way it all stays organized, and there's an even rotation of toys. I don't know if I'll be doing that, but we will be working on one type of toy at a time. Hopefully it will work.

We have been using clear totes with lids, which is also helpful for organization, because you don't have to open the tote to see what's in it.

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Dru said...

I currently have 4 huge boxes (we're talking boxes that computer printers come in) in my utility room that are all full of toys I pulled out of my library.
The struggle here with toys is endless.
We *do* use plastic totes, but they just get dumped onto the floor and not put back. We use labels too, but the youngest delights in pulling those off. *sigh*

We just need less toys!

Unknown said...

I used a big blue hamper for our son's toys.

Someone Beautiful said...

For little ones, you can print pics of what goes in the tub. You can often google the pics in many cases and print those (for blocks, Legos etc). We made a toy storage shelf with bins. It was one of my first WFMWs last year.

Shana said...

Most of our containers are clear or have open tops, so thankfully they can see what goes in them, or one of the older siblings can help out. Our labeler has a picture function, but I haven't gotten around to using it yet.