Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seriously? C'mon People

What does a person's medical records have to do with them being or not being Vice President? Seriously. This is just getting to be beyond ridiculous. I would not be releasing my medical records. What would people do with that kind of personal information? What if I asked the doctor about a spot on my arm that turned out to be nothing, but could be construed as something bigger than what it is? What if I had a miscarriage, and it's now released into the public media that I had lost a baby? Would mass speculation ensue about what could I have done differently? Would they tear me apart for losing a baby and still working, or having other kids, or any number of things that could be said? I'm sorry, but if you are basically bullied into releasing your personal medical records, then we've come to a pretty sorry state of affairs. Personal records should stay just that. Personal.


Ticia said...

I agree because even if our president drops dead of some medical condition ,our country has neatly put into place the next person in line to run the country. Leticia

Liza said...

Apparently Hippa doesn't matter for those in charge *rolls eyes* I completely agree with you!! (This is Liza from JM!)

MommaBlogger said...

Good point! I hadn't even thought about that.