Thursday, April 3, 2008

What, Are They Bored Now?

Does anyone else here remember the New Kids On The Block? I do. I had the biggest crush on Joey. I secretly hoped that he would notice me from the stage and whisk me away to some strange fantasy world or another. Of course, the chances of that having happened, were nonexistent. I only went to one concert, and we sat in the grass. In the way back. They were little specks on stage. It was sad, I know.

So, what I'm trying to figure out now, is why on earth they feel the need to come back? I mean, c'mon, they're closing in on 40, and there's just something not right about a boy band trying to come back. Know what I mean?

So, I have to ask.

1. What was your favorite NKOTB song?

2. Who was your favorite NKOTB?

For me it would have to be

I'll Be Loving You (Forever)

Joey McIntyre

And for your viewing pleasure, so you too can be reminded of how bad their dancing really was:


Kathryn said...

I was just a bit too old (but not by much) to enjoy the NKOTB crazy but boy do I remember it! I got irritated when Def Leapord redid one of their songs a few years back though.
Wow, you've brought back memories!
I popped over here from the S/S forums, I was so impressed with your projects I was eager to see more!

MommaBlogger said...

Thanks :) I haven't been updating as much as I'd like to lately, new baby and all :D I hope to be posting more before too long.

I remember loving NKOTB for quite a while, and then realizing how annoying they were towards the end of their run. Everyone was super nuts about them, and it was all anyone talked about. Got old after a while ;)