Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun With Henna

I have been experimenting a bit with henna lately. I started with a little kit, and that went well enough, but then I got into mixing my own. It seemed to work a little better, though the stain isn't quite as strong I don't think. I'll find out after tonight anyway.

So here is my first attempt at my own mix of henna paste, which involved the henna powder, lemon juice, honey and tea tree oil.

By the way, these are pictures of the applied henna while it's drying. I'll try to get the pictures tomorrow after I take the henna paste off, which will leave a lovely little pattern for about 2 weeks.

Side by Side


Right Foot

Left Foot (not as good as the other side, and somehow I managed to smudge one of the leaves)

And I just liked the way this shot turned out. I am definitely loving my new camera!