Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little Whiskey In Your Formula, Madamoiselle?

While this isn't exactly funny, for either the mom or the baby, I do have to laugh just a tiny bit. The mom put some whiskey in her baby's bottle, in an attempt to help her calm down from a nasty teething episode. Now, as a mom, as tempting as it might be to do almost anything to get a screaming child quiet, I would never have thought of actually putting alcohol into a bottle. As a child, my mom used to put whiskey on my gums to soothe my teething, because I was allergic to the num-gums stuff they had back then. I didn't suffer any ill effects from it, other than perhaps it led to my dislike of all things alcoholic. (I still have never been drunk, and have never been able to handle more than an ounce or two of anything with even the slightest taste of alcohol in it.). Maybe that's not such a bad thing though ;)

As for the mom, I'm not sure that charging her and taking away her baby is the best solution. My guess is that she's probably learned her lesson on this one, and will not ever consider doing anything like this again. While obviously not the brightest idea the woman ever had, hopefully this is doing enough to scare her into thinking a little more thoroughly through her future actions.