Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lenten Reflections

Lent is a time of preparation. Preparing ourselves for the Holy Week before Easter and the Resurrection of Our Lord. Many people think that this means it's time to "give something up" to honor God.

While fasting is good and holy, it needs to be done in the right spirit. Why are we giving up a certain item or activity? Is this something that is truly blocking our soul from God's grace? Is it a righteous thing to give up? Will it help me to serve God more fully if I give it up?

One thing to remember though, is that Sundays are Feast Days, no matter what season it is. We do not fast on feast days, because they are for celebrating, while fasting is like a period of mourning. We are dying to ourselves so that we can be raised up in Christ's love and forgiveness. This season, while we may focus on our fasting, really isn't about us in that sense. We are dying to what we were, opening our hearts for the blessing that God has in store for us.

My goal this Lenten season, is to give up my reactionary and sometimes even disrespectful attitude towards my husband, and I ask that you will all pray for me in this. I have been trying for so long to curb this attitude, but perhaps now is the season for real change. Only by God's grace will this task be accomplished, and I hope that He will be gentle with me :) However, sometimes it takes more than gentleness for a person to change, so I have to be prepared for that to.

God's blessing to you all this Lenten season.

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