Monday, January 29, 2007


Thanks to Amy from Modern Commentaries for providing this topic on Feminists. As my post was begining to become a bit lengthy, I thought I'd redirect here for a more in-depth discussion.

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I believe the idea of feminists has been somewhat skewed over time as well. What the original feminists wanted was to be treated like human beings with an opinion, instead of like property. Male chauvanism had gone a bit far and women had become non-entities. While I understand and agree with the idea of women not voting, among other things, women are not 'property' in the sense that they were being seen as at that time.

We actually talked about a portion of this issue in our study yesterday, we've been reading Back to Virtue by Peter Kreeft. We discussed the idea of women and feminism, and the discontent that many women are told to feel when things aren't going their way around the house. Many women are told that they don't get enough 'me' time, they are doing too much around the house and their husbands aren't doing enough, and so on. The conclusion that we came to is that the women we know who are most content in their lives and their marriages, were the ones who prayed for their husbands, helping to bring their husbands in tune with God, and thereby in tune with their needs. They prayed for the strength of their husbands and their families, and the needs were met. Perhaps not in their own time, but in God's time.

I think many women also have this idea that if they stay at home their lives will be full of boredom and tedium and so on. And it can be, if you let it. I still have my days, but I'm working towards a goal of making things organized, efficient, and well-run. Something any manager can do for a salary, but with a lot more headaches because not all co-workers are as cute as my three-year-old who constantly comes up to me, batting his eyes, and telling me he loves me and trying to convince me that he is five years old. I don't think I'd appreciate that as much coming from a co-worker.

In short, or as short as I'm going to make it, today's feminists think that it's all about them. Women are the end all to be all, and men are just a side dish. Families are outdated, and why would we want to take care of our own children when someone else can do it for us? The problem with that thinking is that it is not the way God has called us to be. God has called us to be in submission to our husbands. Submission is not a dirty word. We are called to be submissive to our husbands and so shall they be in submission to us. In a healthy relationship that means we communicate with eachother for the best path the family should take, and move forward in agreement. If each side is trying to fulfil their own selfish desires, the family will be divided and in constant flux. We can only go where God has called us if we want to be truly happy. Everything else is headache and heartache.