Wednesday, June 6, 2007

WFMW-The Mom, I'm Bored Edition

My kids are pretty young, and I have five of them, so I don't hear this phrase too often thankfully. However, if it's been raining a lot like it has been lately, I do hear it a bit more often.

Some of the things that I have found to work for my oldest, who is 7, are these:

  • I give him a picture dictionary. This is a recent one. I had some things to finish before I could start school that day, so I looked through the education books that I have on the school shelf, and saw the dictionary. I told him to look for words he liked, and then asked him about them later on, when I had more time. Now he asks to look at it occasionally on his own.
  • I give him a Kids Cookbook, and let him pick something to try. This once resulted in the discovery that the kids liked Eggs in a Hole, although he prefers his scrambled in the hole.
For the three oldest, ranging in ages from 4-7, here are some of my ideas:

  • I like to keep a box of crayons and colored pencils and a stack of coloring books available for them to work on. I also have some Color Wonder stuff, which is awesome if you ask me. I do have to keep those things up when the youngest are awake, but there is little if any boredom when those two are up, so it works out.

Other things I have tried, are having the kids do themed coloring or activities from Enchanted Learning, which is an amazing resource for parents and home schoolers. I'm planning on joining the site before too long. I've also given them precut construction paper and told them to make some designs. They like the creativity.

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Aisling said...

I am determined with my 15 year old that this summer he and I will put together photo illustrated versions of "How to's" for all his favourite recipes!

Shana said...

That sounds like a good idea. I may have to do that when I get my fancy new camera ;)

The Hagedorn Family said...

Hey Shana,
What's new? Sounds like you guys are doing well. Just thought I would check up on you. Also you can get an update on us on my xanga site; let me know if you need the address.