Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow, it's been a while

So yeah, it's been busy here lately. Not much time for blog updates, and since I really hate how my pictures turn out with the lack of appropriate lighting, I've not wanted to do much food blogging.

So quick update, we've been working on using workboxes for the kids for homeschool, which has been working out quite nicely. They are getting tons of work done in less time than before. Using a timer helps tremendously as well. I am hoping to upgrade from paper covered cereal boxes to nice little drawers before long, but those cost money, so it might be a while :) They do work nice though, so that's a good thing.

Zachary, our youngest, turned 2 on Sunday. Well, technically not quite, as his birthday is officially the 29th of February, which only comes every 4 years. But we use the 28th for his alternate birthday, since we have plenty of March birthdays already, and that fits in with our goal of having one baby in every month.

Our oldest, Ben, will be TEN YEARS OLD!!! Oh Lordy, where has the time gone? He's gotten so big, and grown so much since he was just the tiny little squirt I held so long ago. I know in a few years he will be driving, and then getting all grown up and moving away.

I do hope to start updating again before long. At least a little more often than once every 4 months, hopefully.