Monday, June 29, 2009

Do These People Want To Lose Their Jobs?

Scott Walker tried shortening the workweek by about 5 hours a person in an effort to save some money for the county. However, an arbitrator tossed it out. Where do these people think the money is going to come from? Everyone is losing money like crazy, and the spending overall is out of control. Walker has been great about making budget cuts and cutting spending (though the board keeps overruling him when it's important). If you don't make small cuts here and there, you're going to have to make big cuts later, like whole jobs will just disappear because there is no money. Would these people rather lose a few hours a week, or their jobs altogether? There aren't many jobs left to be had, so where do they think they're going to go?


AnGella said...

Tell me about it. My husband had his hours cut in half after 6 years. We are going to try and start a Lawn Care Business.

MommaBlogger said...

My stepdad is going through the same thing and he's been there almost 20 years.

Good luck with the lawn care :)