Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bad Bad Kitteh

My dear, sweet, EVIL kitteh decided he didn't like the fact that while I was sleeping I wasn't petting him. As my arm was hanging over the edge, apparently he felt the need to remind me of his presence.

Here's the Bad Bad Kitteh in question.

And here's the damage.

Does anyone know how to deal with aggressive kitteh's? He's okay some days, and like this other days. This is definitely the worst he's done yet, and I think he was mad about something too, but I don't know how to work this behavior out of him. Thoughts?


naleta said...

You could try shutting him out of the bedroom when you're sleeping. At least he wouldn't attack you in your sleep when you're defenseless, then.

I followed your link from Rachel Lucas, BTW :)

Anonymous said...

Our kitty used to be very aggressive. You'd walk nby and she's attack.. the kids hated her.. she was still like this a year ago . We got her at 7 weeks old and she's almost 4 now.. so it wasn't purely a kitten stage. What finally worked was a squirt bottle. Took almost no time to get her to stop.. she is now the most docile loving kitty ever!
( BTW this is Alison from JM)

Shana said...

I wasn't in my room when he got me. He's not allowed in our room because of my husband's allergies. I was up with my sick baby :(

I think I might have to bring the squirt bottle out again. We used to use it with him until he started getting back at us later, but maybe I'll strap it to my belt :)